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Prawo zamówień publicznychPublic procurement law

We support our clients in the process of obtaining public contracts, and winning all stages in public procurement proceedings.

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Prawo IT i telcoIT and Telco law

We support innovative IT and telecommunications projects, providing our factual and legal expertise. Our long-term experience in ICT guarantees legal security of transactions and system implementations.

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Prawo autorskieCopyright law

Copyright and industrial property rights are key areas of law for creators and authors who benefit from our services. Our legal expertise is also appreciated by purchasers of copyright and industrial property rights, especially in the advertising and filmmaking sectors.

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Prawo sukcesja firm rodzinnychSuccession in family businesses

Legal expertise in the field of succession in family businesses is particularly important for future generations of entrepreneurs. Because our law office is also a family business, we have an excellent understanding of our clients who need legal support in terms of succession.

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  • Substantial professional expertise, highly developed skills and commitment in providing legal assistance are invaluable assets offered by Marcin Szołajski (Legal Counsel), who has provided us with advice in the field of legal support of film production and photo shoots, with particular emphasis on copyright issues.
    Substantial professional expertise

    Michał Pienkowski, CEO

    GARAZ Miejsce Filmowe

  • Our experience of cooperation with Marcin Szolajski (Legal Counsel) confirms that his assistance is invaluable in the case of difficult challenges, which is an indispensible asset in the provision of legal advice related to public procurement.
    Invaluable in the case of difficult challenges

    Remigiusz Czerniej, President of the Management Board

    SEQUENCE Sp. z o.o.

  • We have benefited from legal support provided by Marcin Szołajski (Legal Counsel) in public tendering procedures and his substantial professional expertise and immediacy in action.
    Immediacy in action

    Andrzej Szymanski, CEO


  • While preparing and negotiating IT contracts, Marcin Szołajski (Legal Counsel) is able to successfully apply his understanding of the IT business, which is quite an important skill in this sector. The negotiations conducted with the participation of attorney Marcin Szołajski have confirmed that our team can benefit from legal security provided by our layer, who is a true team member.
    True team member

    Jaroslaw Tabor, IT Director, Member of the Management Board

    Software Escrow Management Sp. z o.o.

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